NDW50 Wk 6: Happy Christmas to me… (wc 19.12.16)

So, my last week of bimbling along before my official 20 week training plan starts next week. The plan was always to to have an easy last week of ‘freedom’. Run if I wanted, don’t run if I didn’t… Continue reading “NDW50 Wk 6: Happy Christmas to me… (wc 19.12.16)”


NDW50 Wk5: First Lady (wc 12.12.16)

Running by the light of seven torches…

Sometimes it’s fun to do something a little different! On Wednesday evening I dumped the Striders club run around the streets of Croydon in favour of a little off-road exploring by the light of head torches!

2017-01-01_0001 Continue reading “NDW50 Wk5: First Lady (wc 12.12.16)”

NDW50 Wk4: A little R+R (wc 04.11.16)

Striders Marathon Training Run #3: The Farleigh 12

The weather forecast was cold but sunny. I couldn’t decide what to wear, so I asked Twitter…


The general consensus was shorts, so I wore shorts. In December. The girl who is always cold & wears a hoody in the middle of summer. Who am I? Continue reading “NDW50 Wk4: A little R+R (wc 04.11.16)”

NDW50 Wk3: Exploring the NDW because I didn’t feel like w*rking on a Monday… (wc 28.11.16)

Monday morning wasn’t happening. You know those days when you could sit at your desk for hours but yet wouldn’t achieve a single thing? Yep, that. So at about midday I thought sod it, pulled on my running kit, filled a bottle with some Tailwind, grabbed a couple of snacks, packed my bag, jumped in the car & 45 minutes later I was at Reigate Viewpoint & hitting the NDW…

North Downs Way Continue reading “NDW50 Wk3: Exploring the NDW because I didn’t feel like w*rking on a Monday… (wc 28.11.16)”