NDW50 Wk 15: Ups and downs (wc 20.02.17)

I’m going to be honest. I’m struggling. I have just over ten weeks to go & I really don’t know if I can do it. It feels as if a number of my posts recently have been written in this tone but I am having some serious, serious doubts. Continue reading “NDW50 Wk 15: Ups and downs (wc 20.02.17)”


Plantar b*****y fasciitis was not in the plan…

THANKFULLY it is only very mild. I have no pain, just discomfort. I appear to have caught it early, although to be fair if I hadn’t ignored the niggle in my foot for the past two months I would have caught it even earlier & may not be writing this post… Continue reading “Plantar b*****y fasciitis was not in the plan…”

NDW50 Wk 14: Chocolate covered coffee beans to the rescue (wc 13.02.17)

What am I doing?

21 miles, 3:31:36, 10:05 min/mile, 1,880ft elevation gain

Early Saturday morning fuelled with coffee & oatmeal I headed out to explore another section of the North Downs Way. My aim is to have covered as much of the 50 mile route before race day as possible. I hope that a knowledge & understanding of the route will be a massive phycological boost. (Although sometimes I wonder if knowing about the hills in advance really is worth it…)

Simply put, this was one of the most challenging & hardest runs I have ever done.

Where it all begins…

Continue reading “NDW50 Wk 14: Chocolate covered coffee beans to the rescue (wc 13.02.17)”

NDW50 Wk 13: Wobbling (wc 06.02.17)

So six weeks of the official training down, 14 to go… How am I feeling? I flip from super excited, I CAN do this, I am absolutely going to OWN the North Downs Way in May, it is going to be AWESOME & fantastic & all the other positive adjectives… Continue reading “NDW50 Wk 13: Wobbling (wc 06.02.17)”

NDW50 Wk 12: Mud ‘n’ Hills (wc 30.01.16)

So, so much mud…!

I heart parkrun…

Roundshaw Downs parkrun, 5km, 24:04, first lady, 7:51 min/mile

My next phase of training starts on Monday, I can’t believe I’m six weeks down already as it still doesn’t quite feel real! During the next phase Bea has me focusing quite a lot on heart rate training, this is a way of running pretty new to me but is aimed at getting me running longer with less effort (& I suspect it will tell me I’ve been running too hard & fast so far…!) Continue reading “NDW50 Wk 12: Mud ‘n’ Hills (wc 30.01.16)”