NDW50 Wk 19: Thames Path Twenty (wc 20.03.17)

AKA Insomnia stole my sleep

20 miles, 3:01:09, 9:03 min/mile, 95ft elevation gain

The start of British summer time, the clocks go forward an hour so we loose an hour’s sleep & insomnia stole the rest… I remembered this about mid-way through when this run started to feel really, really hard. Note to self, a long run after less than two hours sleep is not going to be easy!

Having been lying awake for hours, I jumped on the first London bound train out of Norwood Junction on Sunday morning to find somewhere more exciting than the streets of Croydon for my long-run. I don’t know how I managed to train for a marathon in previous years doing the same old loops round Croydon for almost every session. Continue reading “NDW50 Wk 19: Thames Path Twenty (wc 20.03.17)”


NDW50 Wk 18: Hills (wc 13.03.17)

London looking mighty fine!

5 miles, 46:56, 9:23 min/mile, 142ft elevation gain

Two days post-mara & I ran! I’ve never done that before, I’m usually still struggling to move at this stage! I think it’s a testament to how much improved my post-run recovery routine has become over the past 12 months.

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NDW50 Wk 17: Thames Meander Marathon (wc 06.03.17)

The most spectacular positive split…

26.2 miles, 4:17:34, 9:49 min/mile, 0ft elevation gain (ha ha ha ha ha!)

When you discover a London based marathon organised by the excellent Hermes Races that is on your actual birthday the temptation to enter is just too great… Originally I entered telling myself that it would be a good training run, albeit one with aid stations & a medal at the end! Continue reading “NDW50 Wk 17: Thames Meander Marathon (wc 06.03.17)”

NDW50 Wk 16: A gloriously sunny 12 at marathon pace (wc 27.02.17)

A gloriously sunny 12 marathon paced miles

12 miles, 1:40:11, 8:20 min/mile, 46ft elevation gain (ha ha ha ha ha!)

And that was EXACTLY what I needed!

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