NDW50 Wk 27: One Week On

A week ago I was running through fields & woodland, up & down hills, across stepping stones & up some steps. Smelling the scent of the wild garlic lining the paths, basking in the late afternoon sunshine.

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NDW50 Wk 26: The North Downs Way 50, 13th May 2017

51 miles, 11:21:02, 13:21 min/mile, 5,600 ft elevation gain

Nine months after I entered on a bit of a whim, six months after I started training & we are finally here. Race Day.

I am nervous, so nervous. I have butterflies in my tummy. I am scared. I repeat to myself a phrase a friend said to me. It becomes my race mantra.

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NDW50 Wk 25: NDW50 T-5 Days (wc 01.05.17)

As I write this post it is five days until race day. FIVE DAYS! How the f**k did that happen?

My training is effectively done. I can do no more A few easy miles over the next few days to keep the legs moving & the mind happy but the main priority for the coming week is rest & recovery & preparing myself physically & mentally to run 50 miles next weekend.

It only seems a few weeks since I signed up for the race, since I started my training & now here we are.

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NDW50 Wk 24: The finish line is in sight (wc 24.04.17)

Like most things following a bank holiday Iโ€™m running late, but thatโ€™s ok because my runs are a day late too so this weekโ€™s post is a little off kilter with an extra day thrown in!

Banstead Woods parkrun: running in the bluebells

5km, 23:39, 7:44 min/mile, 141ft elevation gain

I still donโ€™t quite believe it when I run a 23:39 5km, especially when I feel as if I could have run harder. It was May last year that I first dipped under 24 minutes with 23:51 on the flattest, smoothest road parkrun I could find & here I am now running faster on a much harder course. It just shows how much my running has improved over the past 12 months.

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