Chapter Two: The SDW

This story all started a little less than 12 months ago with a tweet saying “I may have just done something a little bit silly”. I started writing as I thought it was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience & I wanted to document it, to remember it, to capture my thoughts, feelings & emotions. A story with a start, a middle & an end, race day, the NDW50 2017.

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NDW Caterham to Wrotham, AKA mile 38 onwards…

22 miles, 4:11:42, 11:26 min/mile, 2,400 ft elevation gain

When it’s the hottest day of the year so far what’s the best thing to do…? I’d like to say 22 miles on the NDW & whilst I enjoyed it, 30+ degrees was just a little too warm!

At 6:30am I jumped on the first train outta Norwood Junction that headed to towards the Downs. Arriving in Caterham at 7:01 I hot footed it up the A22 to the Caterham Viewpoint, or as I now like to refer to it ‘Mile 38’. I walked rather than ran to my start line to stretch my legs a little, my right quad was feeling a bit tight & I wanted to stretch it out before I started running.

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