My social media bio’s read; Photographer. Runner. Green. Vegetarian & proud to run on plants.

I’m a photographer, I take photos for a living, mainly brides, grooms & business people.

I am self-employed & run my own business. I absolutely love what I do, I love being creative, I love that I’ve turned a childhood hobby into a successful career, I love the flexibility of being my own boss.

I don’t carry a camera when I run. All the photos that I post on this blog are shot & edited on my iPhone.

I run. A lot. I started running properly (as opposed to a half-hearted jog round the park in an old pair of Reebok Classics) when I moved to Croydon & gave up my expensive gym membership in exchange for a mortgage. Someone told me running was inexpensive…

I run with Striders of Croydon & have recently started leading some of the group runs. I’ve not lost anyone yet. Result.

The yellow & green of Striders of Croydon!

I swim. Not so much. I try to hit the pool a couple of times a month & adore swimming in the sea. My main holiday criteria now is, can I run & can I swim in the sea…

I cycle to get from A to B or when I’m injured & can’t run. I used to get injured a lot so I used to cycle a lot. Since I started lifting weights & doing regular strength training I’ve been a lot less injured.

I lift little weights & would like to lift bigger but am a bit of a wuss.

I’m married. The husband doesn’t run. Or swim. Or cycle.

I like coffee. A lot. Probably too much tbh.

And wine.

And gin.

I’m almost a vegan. I eat 95% vegan but I am not fanatical about it. Occasionally there may be a little bit of butter in a sauce or I might eat a piece of milk chocolate mid-race because that is all there is. I’m not going to stress about it, life is too short. I eat mainly a plant based diet & fuel all my runs with real food.

A few of the things I like…

I’m Green. In today’s political climate I don’t think that needs any other explanation.

I lived in Romania for a while, speak enough Romanian to get by & my dream race is the Transylvania 100km through the Transylvanian Alps in Romania. I have a big birthday in a few years time. I don’t want a party, I want a big adventure. I think this might be it.

Not running…


50 Miles: 9:36 at the South Downs Way 50, April 2018

Marathon: 3:53:55 at Brighton Marathon in April 2017

Half-marathon: 1:44:03 The Big Half in March 2018

10km: 49:00 at the Croydon 10k in October 2016

5km: 22:42 at Peterborough parkrun on Christmas Eve 2016

1 mile: 6:45 Striders of Croydon time trial July 2017 (Garmin recorded time)

Goals (because I’m all for putting out there…!)

Marathon: 3:44:59

Half-marathon: 1:45, I smashed my HM goal in 2018, I have no plans to run another road half marathon.

10km: 47:00

5km: 21:59

1 mile: 6:39








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